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A Doctor’s Opinion About 5010, ICD10 and more

Dr. Stanley Feld is one of those blogs with a practical perspective on healthcare reform. While not exactly about Long Term and Post Acute Care, his most recent post, Repairing the Healthcare System: Medicare Coding Is Becoming More Complicated Under Obamacare, deals with the same topics about which we are concerned in LTPAC – 5010, ICD10, billing problems and the ability to provide good care more efficiently. Dr. Feld writes:

Physicians are faced with these confusing rules daily. I do not believe that these rules promote quality care for patients. These rules serve to irritate physicians. The rule changes result in a non-user friendly Medicare system.  I predict it will ultimately result in non-cooperation by physicians.

Recently I commented on a post at the excellent blog EMR and HIPAA on the benefits of ICD-10. You may want to read the comments to that post to get another perspective on the questions raised by Dr. Feld.

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HIMSS Highlights

HIMSS 2012 did not disappoint. It was my first time to attend the annual meeting, and I was amazed at how BIG this conference is. The exhibit halls – yes, halls, as in plural – were filled with extremely large and impressive displays by the well-known vendors in the hospital and doctor EHR business. That was expected. Yet, it was with great pride that I was there to represent our company in the LTPAC space. HIMSS does not do much for the long-term and post acute care providers and vendors, but there were some real nuggets. Like the presentation by CORHIO on the last day of sessions. The few that attended are all passionate about this part of the healthcare continuum. So, I have hope that eventually others will join us in understanding that LTPAC must be included in the discussions about transitions of care, reducing costs, and providing better care AFTER the hospital stay.

While there are no “meaningful use” incentives for LTPAC providers, I can assure you that they are using EHR systems in meaningful ways to reduce costs and improve outcomes. Let’s talk about that over the next few weeks. What topic would you like to tackle first?

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Headed to HIMSS? Let’s meet up!

Tomorrow morning I hop a couple of planes. Destination: HIMSS 2012.

You can find me at the AOD Software booth (, but it would be great to set aside some time just for the two of us to talk healthcare. Check my schedule at


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Hello world!

Welcome to my first WordPress blog site. Occasionally I will be posting thoughts about what is going on in the Long Term and Post Acute Care community. LTPAC is often overlooked in the rush to reform healthcare, yet, without the wonderful providers of LTPAC, there can be no meaningful use during the frequently needed transitions of care for those that need long term health care assistance.

You no doubt have thoughts about the topics that should be covered here, so either leave me a comment below, or send me an email –

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