A Doctor’s Opinion About 5010, ICD10 and more

Dr. Stanley Feld is one of those blogs with a practical perspective on healthcare reform. While not exactly about Long Term and Post Acute Care, his most recent post, Repairing the Healthcare System: Medicare Coding Is Becoming More Complicated Under Obamacare, deals with the same topics about which we are concerned in LTPAC – 5010, ICD10, billing problems and the ability to provide good care more efficiently. Dr. Feld writes:

Physicians are faced with these confusing rules daily. I do not believe that these rules promote quality care for patients. These rules serve to irritate physicians. The rule changes result in a non-user friendly Medicare system.  I predict it will ultimately result in non-cooperation by physicians.

Recently I commented on a post at the excellent blog EMR and HIPAA on the benefits of ICD-10. You may want to read the comments to that post to get another perspective on the questions raised by Dr. Feld.

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