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Floyd V. Doc DeVore grew up everywhere as the son of an US Air Force Pilot and US Forest Ranger (true story). Where? Florida, Texas, Kansas, and more I am still learning from my mother. Mostly however, I am from Colorado (a native), but I consider myself to be a Wyoming Cowboy, where I graduated high school and started college. My values can be traced to the culture of family and those two states. Since then my bride and I have lived in Arizona, Missouri and now Florida, where we hope to stay. Still love Wyoming; it’s just too damn cold. I am the oldest of six children, which might explain why we have five children spread out across Nevada, Arizona, Kentucky and Florida. My siblings include an awesome loving brother, and then there are the four sisters.

Home is now South Florida where I am the Director of Clinical Informatics for a healthcare software company.

Hi there! When asked to describe myself, friends tell me that I am an intelligent and optimistic professional with the ability to communicate at all levels of an organization. A creative thinker with the skills to plan effectively and possesses the insight to establish focused priorities and give clear directions. Solution oriented with a caring and helpful attitude. Builds strong relationships by demonstrating enthusiasm, trustworthiness, honesty, and integrity.

In addition to my role as Director of Clinical Informatics and Industry Relations for AOD Software of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I am also the author of several blogs, my favorite being TrustMeOnTheSunscreen.com, the story of how my journey to return to a fit and energetic husband of a beautiful woman and father of five gifted children.

As a new WordPress user, this page will probably be changing.

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